Student Theses

At the chair for technical education, students have the opportunity to complete theses in the overall spectrum of professional-technical teaching and learning. All master’s theses should have an empirical focus. Possible topics can either be submitted by students themselves or selected from the chair’s suggestions. For the preparation and processing of a thesis, students can find further information provided by the Department of Educational Sciences. In addition, there are some helpful advices from the professorship (formal standards). After a topic has been selected and a supervisor has been found, students are required to submit an exposé including a timeline (template) to their supervisor within four weeks. As this is a cut-off period, at least one feedback loop with the supervisor must be scheduled for consultation. With the final exposé, the master’s thesis is also registered and work on the master’s thesis can begin. The processing time in the consecutive course is six months, in the integrated course it’s twelve months. The completion of the master’s thesis is closely supervised and accompanied until it is handed in. The correction takes about two weeks. For orientation, it is worth taking a look at the evaluation criteria in advance (criteria).

Ongoing student theses

Verena Hattler, Masters thesis
Working title: Analysis of career choice decision factors of female apprentices in technical and social occupations (Exposé) - de
Supervisor: Verena Zehender; Topic contributor: Prof. Dr. Daniel Pittich

Matthias Röll, Masters thesis
Working title: Factor analysis on career choice at the end of vocational training (Exposé) - de
Supervisor: Verena Zehender; Topic contributor: Prof. Dr. Daniel Pittich

Melisa Ergün, Masters thesis
Working title: Utilizing Learning Analytics to Enhance Teaching and Learning in Higher Education: A Systematic Literature Review - en
Supervisor: Anna Trikoili; Topic contributor: Prof. Dr. Daniel Pittich

Bengü Bozlar, Masters thesis
Working title: Promoting Critical Thinking and Collaborative Problem-solving in Higher Education: A systematic literature review using the PRISMA statement (Exposé) - en
Supervisor: Anna Trikoili; Topic contributor: Prof. Dr. Daniel Pittich

Sze Wai Chan, Masters thesis
Working title: Effectiveness of Mentoring and Level of Emotional Intelligence in Vocational Education: Quantitative analysis of a survey for VET Managers in South Africa - en
Supervisor: Katharina Prummer; Topic contributor: Prof. Dr. Daniel Pittich

Patricia Schmerbeck, Masters thesis
Working title: Förderung des fachlich-methodischen Kompetenzerwerbs im ingenieurwissenschaftlichen Studium mithilfe von semesterbegleitenden Projekten - de
Supervisors: Katharina Prummer and Frank Dieball; Topic contributor: Prof. Dr. Daniel Pittich

Razin Abdullah, Master’s thesis
Working title: Bridging Theory and Practice: Evaluating Training Transfer in a Lifelong Learning Master´s Program (Expose) - en
Supervisors: Lisa Wintersberg, Anna Trikoili; Topic contributor: Prof. Dr. Daniel Pittich

Stefan Glöckl, Masters thesis
Working title: Interdisciplinary competencies in everyday vocational school life from the perspective of the students: Results of an exploratory study (Exposé) - de
Supervisor: Alexander Zollner, Margarete Heindl; Topic contributor: Prof. Dr. Daniel Pittich

Veronika Selmaier, Masters thesis
Working title: Teachers' perceptions of working conditions and their associated stress at an urban vocational school: Results of an exploratory study (Exposé) - de
Supervisor: Alexander Zollner, Margarete Heindl; Topic contributor: Prof. Dr. Daniel Pittich

Tanja Keller, Masters thesis
Working title: Analysis of scientific and technical pre-concepts of apprentices in metal-technical vocations: Results of an exploratory study - de
Supervisor: Alexander Zollner, Margarete Heindl; Topic contributor: Prof. Dr. Daniel Pittich

Simon Munding, Masters thesis
Working title: Conception, implementation and evaluation of a hybrid learning landscape on the topic of frequency converters (Exposé) - de
Supervisor: Christian Pownuk, Tobias Ludwig; Topic contributor: Prof. Dr. Daniel Pittich

Christina Borowsky, Masters thesis
Working title: Scientific Support of an integrative Research Approach on competence requirements for Additive Manufacturing in Construction (Exposé) - de
Supervisor: Tobias Ludwig; Topic contributor: Prof. Dr. Daniel Pittich

Dominik Deinböck, Masters thesis
Working title: Review of the requirements and optimization of a digital tool for annual didactic planning at vocational schools (Exposé) - de
Supervisor: Bernhard Renner; Topic contributor: Prof. Dr. Daniel Pittich

Hee Ju Hong, Masters thesis
Working title: Collaboration in Instructional Design: Enhancing Communication and Knowledge Management (Exposé) - en
Supervisor: Lisa Wintersberg; Topic contributor: Prof. Dr. Daniel Pittich

Topics currently offered

Competence profiles in subject-specific courses within the vocational, technical teacher training programme. de | - (Verena Zehender)
Two Master's thesis topics can be offered on this topic. In an existing project, the teaching in subject-specific courses for technical student teachers is to be upgraded. To this end, (1) competence profiles of teachers are to be developed within a meta-analysis and (2) a coherent implementation of the competence profiles in existing courses is to be implemented in a follow-up study.

Professionalisation in vocational, technical teacher training. de | - (Verena Zehender)
In a long-term study, students are to be accompanied during their study and traineeship period. For this purpose, material analyses and question-based interviews are to be designed, implemented and evaluated according to the current state of research.

Information on the preparation of student theses

Student theses follow the usual standards of scientific work. A selection of relevant aspects can be found here.
The corresponding templates of TUM are to be used in the preparation: Cover page and scientific paper. (Cover sheet, template)

Finished student theses

Daniel Sattler, Masters thesis
A Qualitative Analysis of the Implementation of the Professional- Technical Teaching Concept by Teachers with Divergent Previous Experience - de

Tobias Ludwig, Masters thesis
Analytical-reflexive conception of a class-related competence diagnostics for construction-technical lesson - de

Renato Alves Coppi, Masters thesis
A “Stages of Concern” Instrument Validation in regard to Vocational Teachers’ Perceptions on the Mandatory Implementation of Digitalization in Germany - en

Christoph Mitterer, Masters thesis
Classroom-based competence diagnostics in vocational training - de

Johannes Reisinger, Masters thesis
Digital concepts and solutions for teaching and school life at technical vocational schools in Bavaria - Delphi study on future developments in digitalization from the perspective of school management teams - de

Lisa Wintersberg, Masters thesis
Development of a learning objective-based evaluation instrument for corporate E-Learning - de

Regina Scheich, Masters thesis
Challenges, perceptions and constraints during the implementation of a competence focused educational concept for technical and vocational classes - de

Paul Robben, Masters thesis
Personalised learning in a digitalised classroom in vocational schools - state of development and preceptions in project PERLEN4.0 - de

Anna Theresia Brack, Masters thesis
Testing of a competenc diagnostic - de

Michael Veitweber, Masters thesis
Teacher expectations for an implementation guide to vocational school curriculum guidelines in electrical engineering - de

Nicolas Schober, Master´s thesis
Potential and opportunities of 360-degree feedback for theory-practice cooperations in an interdisciplinary research and teaching segment - de

Benedikt Klingler, Master´s thesis
Potential of explanatory videos to support information processes in vocational technical education - de

Raphael Sing, Master´s thesis
Concretization of generic competences for vocational learning using the example of EfEG - de

Bernhard Renner, Masters thesis
Checklists for self-reflection for the developement of hybrid learning landscapes - de

Oskar Landenberger, Masters thesis
Development and piloting of a survey instrument for the assessment of the didactic competence situation in technology - de

Lucy Onwuatuegwu , Masters thesis
TVET Managers‘ Perceptions of the Status Quo and Development of Digitalization in South African Schools - en

Margarete Heindl, Masters thesis
Qualitative analysis of scientific and technical misconceptions based on industrial mechanic trainees in their first year of vocational education - de

Martin Garic, Masters thesis
Perceptions of pupils on the development of interdisciplinary competences and their importance in vocational-technical tecahing: results of an exploratory study - de

Katrin Rustler, Masters thesis
Development of a hybrid training course on Vectorworks at vocational schools - de

Ana-Katarina Barnjak, Masters thesis
Adaptation and assessment of the TRIX-approach in the field of health and care - de

Sebastian Schnabel, Masters thesis
Generation and utilization of information in additive manufacturing - de

Vinzenz Bräutigam, Masters thesis
Technical Education podcasts - de

Mona Gilgenreiner, Masters thesis
Digital teaching as a development task for vocational schools - de

Christoph Fischer, Masters thesis
Competence profiles in subject-specific courses within the vocational, technical teacher training program with a focus on thermodynamics - de

Claudia Helml, Masters thesis
Influence of a (trainee) Teacher’s Beliefs and Self-efficacy on the Quality of Teaching - de

Josef Spießl, Masters thesis
Changes and challenges in the daily work of teachers in the context of digitalisation. Results of an exploratory study - de

Johannes Stadler, Masters thesis
Competence-oriented learning environments in the technical-didactic professionalization processes - premises and evaluation - de

Christian Wittmann, Masters thesis
Independence indicators in Learning Management Systems - de

Jens Bacher, Masters thesis
Implementation of information strategies in existing teaching concepts to promote information skills in vocational technical teaching - de

Thomas Scharl, Masters thesis
Development of integrative teaching sequences for the initiation of information skills in metal technology lessons - de