Practical relevance in teacher training (StMUK)

Testing of a stronger interlocking of theory and practice in the didactic qualification of teachers of electrical engineering and information technology as well as civil engineering.

In the course of filling the professorship for technology didactics at the TUM School of Education, an empirically based theory-practice concept is to be tested within the framework of the didactic training of future teachers at vocational schools. The teaching concept of "Technology Didactics", which is to be established and tested, is to be expanded, in addition to a stronger empirical emphasis, especially with regard to a consistent and consistent practical orientation. For the implementation of this basic idea, close integration and coordination with the subject didactic practice is necessary, which is to be ensured in the project by seconded teachers. The two seconded teachers will not only be involved in the didactical teaching of the subjects Electrical Engineering and Information Technology as well as Civil Engineering, but will also be involved in the didactical research on technology at the TUM School of Education. Due to this interlocking of empirical research, university teaching and practice-oriented implementation, mutual synergy effects for practice and theory are foreseeable: 1) empirical research in close integration with regional (and possibly supra-regional) practice, 2) direct participation of practice in innovations in the didactics of technology and subject didactics, 3) an expansion of subject didactic research and broadening of the theoretical and empirical state of research, and 4) innovative and empirically-supported teaching in the didactics of technology.

f you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Andreas Gromer or Robert Bark in the TUM Technical Education team.

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