Tobias Ludwig

Office: Technische Universität München
Marsstraße 20–22 (rear building)
80335 München
Room 430, 4th floor
Phone: +49 89 289-24218
Office hours:

By prior appointment



My professional and academic success story is single-mindedly shaped by the German education system. After graduating from the Natural Science High School in Freyung, I completed an apprenticeship as a carpenter (2011-2014) in a more traditionally oriented building and furniture carpentry workshop. The diverse range of tasks covered front doors, windows, room doors, stairs, wall and ceiling panelling, desks, beds and individual designer furniture. With the experience I gained, I ventured into the direct continuation of the master school (2014-2016) at the Kerschensteiner Schulzentrum in Munich, where passion goes beyond the material wood with design and construction. In addition to the business and educational aspects, I have a great interest in the shaping of wood, which is reflected in the workpieces created there and ultimately in the masterpiece. The workpieces can be found on the homepage of the Meisterschule München under course 130. Already during the final moves I continued my academic career and entered the study of the Bachelor of Education (2015-2018) at the TU-Munich with the subject combination construction technology/physics. At the chair of Timber Construction and Building Construction I designed a Hammock chair in curved form for my Bachelor's thesis. The required calculations as well as the technical implementation took up the influence of my previous career. Finally, for the Master of Education (2018-2020), I expanded my scientific horizon via the Master's thesis in the didactics of technology by transforming an analytical-reflexive conception of competence diagnostics for the teaching of construction engineering. This decision enabled me to take the next step and since July 2020 I have been working as a research assistant at the Assistant Professorship of Technical Educations at TUM School of Social Sciences and Technology.


Research interests

  • Pedagogical implementation of the competence-based learning field curricula in dual training
  • Current processes of 3D printing and resulting competence- and qualificationrequirements
  • Professional and technical teacher training
  • Continuous digitalisataion



  • Pittich, D., Ludwig, T. (2022). Competence development in a student-centered learning
    environment. In 2022 IEEE Global Engineering Education Conference (EDUCON).