Teach@TUM (BMBF)

Subproject in work area 2: "Curriculum development: competence orientation and cooperation

Work area 2 of the BMBF-funded Teach@TUM project focuses on the aspects of curriculum development, competence orientation and cooperation in the fields of biology and chemistry for general education teachers and didactics of technology (construction technology, electrical engineering, information technology and metal technology) for vocational teachers. The project in vocational teaching is implemented by the Chair of Technology Didactics.

The aim is to consistently develop a networked competence orientation between the technical didactics of civil engineering, electrical and information technology and metal technology and the related disciplines. The focus will be on the curricular and competence-related integration of technical-productive change into the technical teacher training programme (in particular consecutive courses of study). Starting from a systematic interlinking of the scientific and didactic courses offered, the aim is to raise awareness of the teaching-learning challenges of technical-productive change. To this end, students will be systematically familiarized with a) the findings and concepts of innovative technologies and b) the subject-related and overall approach to the didactics of technology in the research and teaching segment of technology didactics as well as through the competence- and evidence-based teaching concept in a coordinated subject-specific and subject-didactic course offering (incl. practical cooperation). Even more than before, students will be given the opportunity to gain experience in the scholastic implementation of virtual and real teaching-learning scenarios. A research-based deposit of the outlined implementation will complement the subproject.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Verena Zehender in the TUM Technical Education team.