The project "BBI@TUM" is focused on the Conception and implementation of an international in-service Master's program in the field of vocational education and training at TUM.

Katharina Prummer


This joint project focuses on the cross-national and cross-phase professionalization of teachers with regard to subject-specific and media-didactic digitization in vocational-technical education.

Wanda Theobald

Hybrid-Learn (BMBF)

Professionalisation approach for the development and implementation of hybrid teaching and learning concepts in vocational teaching.

Daniel Pittich, Tobias Ludwig

Additive Manufacturing in Construction (DFG)

The sub-project C07 of TRR277 explores the challenges in additive manufacturing via technical regulations and standards as well as requirements with regard to competences and qualification.

Tobias Ludwig

Technology in Primary Schools (TÜV-Süd Stiftung)

In the project, the conception of a further training format as well as the joint development of concrete school learning scenarios, their implementation in schools as well as iterative optimisation are being researched in a design-oriented manner.

Christina Pappa

TVET Leadership for Transformation South africa (GIZ)

The project focuses on the development and implementation of a postgraduate program (PgDip) at the University of Pretoria, which aims to further qualify managers in the field of vocational training as visionary leaders.

Katharina Prummer

Teach@TUM (BMBF)

In AB 2 the aspects of curriculum development, competence orientation and cooperation in the study areas of technical didactics (construction technology, electrical engineering, information technology and metal technology) of the vocational teaching degree are focused.

Verena Zehender


The project deals with questions relating to future-oriented engineering training. In WP 4 "Professional - Framework of qualification", the focus is on the current and future competence profiles.

Christina Pappa

Practical relevanc in teacher training (StMUK)

In the project, the technical and didactic professionalization is to be expanded integratively with a stronger empirical emphasis as well as consistent and practical orientation.

Robert Bark, Andreas Gromer

Hybrid Learning Landscapes

The project is geared towards the development and testing of hybrid teaching concepts, i.e. the consistent integration of digital features into professional classroom teaching, which are developed, among other things, as part of a series of advanced training courses.

Daniel Pittich, Andreas Gromer

Teaching in the virtual classrooms at vocational schools

The project focuses on the scientific support for the identification and exploitation of virtual possibilities and potentials in the context of vocational school teaching and learning with special consideration of VR and AR technologies.

Rupert Heindl


In the project, model schools are scientifically supported in the development and implementation of personalized learning opportunities at vocational schools.

Daniel Pittich

Digitalisation of vocational education and trainings

In the subject of "digitisation of vocational education and training", different project priorities are being worked on.

Robert Bark


The "CuFa" project relates to the scientific support for the amendment of all technical school curricula in Hesse.

Daniel Pittich

Completed projects

  • SFB 768; Sub-study: "Softskills" - Activity-based perceptions and assessments of female engineers (DFG, 2019)
  • Sustainability Audits with Trainees (NAUZUBI) - A model experiment for sustainable vocational training in a cooperative learning location. (BMBF/BIBB, 2016-2019)
  • "Vocational orientation, qualification and integration of refugees into the education and employment system of the Siegen-Wittgenstein region - BeQuIF" (University of Siegen)
  • Network Transition