Scientific support of the project "Teaching in the virtual subject room at vocational schools" (StMUK and ALP Dillingen)

The central basic idea of the scientific support is the structured identification and exploitation of virtual possibilities and potentials in the context of vocational school teaching and learning with special consideration of VR and AR technologies. A coherent and consistent digitalisation of vocational (practical) teaching is to be carried out along a didactic-methodical structural concept. This structural concept, which has already been tested in practice, will on the one hand enable the accompanied planning, conception, implementation and reflection of vocational-technical learning in virtual subject room environments and on the other hand the design-oriented (research-related and evaluative) background and support of the present project approach and procedure, so that the approaches and findings of the project can also be transferred from their immediate context of origin to adjacent areas within and outside the consortium. Overarching goals are accordingly:
Conception, commitment and implementation of a consistent didactic-methodical structural concept for virtual learning in "practical teaching" incl. good practice examples.
Transfer of the structural concept into a corresponding further education format at the ALP.
Research-based statements on the possibilities and potentials of virtual learning in vocational instruction
These overarching goals are to be scientifically accompanied by the following approach:

Partner of the project:

  • Staatsministerium für Kultus und Unterricht
  • ALP Dillingen
  • Vocational schools

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Rupert Heindl in the TUM Technical Education team.