UNESCO Associated School Network meets TUM Professorship of Technical Education

Around 30 Brazilian school administrators recently visited the School of Social Sciences and Technology (SOT) as part of a trip organized by the UNESCO Associated School Network. The network, which connects more than 12.000 schools in 182 countries, has the common goal of effectively anchoring peace and democracy education, remembrance culture, human rights education, living in diversity and education for sustainable development in school profiles as well as in the everyday life and pedagogical work of schools worldwide.

The principals got an indepth insight into the work of the Professorship of Technical Education. In particular, Professor Pittich's lecture on 'Developing Schools in times of digitalization' met with great interest. The group was coordinated by a partner school of the SOT, the Colégio Visconde de Porto Seguro from São Paulo. The institutional head of the school, Mauritius von Dubnitz, accompanied the group and provided the necessary translation work into Portuguese.

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