Kick-off of Competence Network lernen:digital in Berlin

On November 22 and 23, 2023, the Competence Network lernen:digital  celebrated it's official kick-off in Berlin, where science, practice and politics discussed ideas for the digital transformation of schools and teacher training. A total of 24 project networks with more than 200 sub-projects are working together in four competence centers. Technology Didactics is involved in the joint project LPI and Prof. Pittich is the spokesperson for the STEM Competence Center. Margarete Heindl and Teresa Mühringer-Schurm from our team also took part. In addition to the STEM Competence Center, there is a Competence Center for Languages/Society/Economics, a Competence Center for Music/Art/Sport and a Competence Center for School Development.

The kick-off offered the opportunity to present the LPI project, discuss common goals of the Competence Network, define conditions for success and exchange ideas with team members of other network projects, especially within our Competence Center, and make interesting contacts. In his role as spokesperson for the STEM Competence Center, Prof. Pittich was also involved in various discussion rounds and in a moderating role.