Examination Board Master Research on Teaching and Learning

The Examination Board is responsible for administering examinations. It makes all necessary decisions unless these General Academic and Examination Regulations provide that decisions are the examiners' responsibility or where decisions are required during the examination process and must therefore be made by examiners or proctors.

The Examination Board Master Research on Teaching and Learning consists of five members. At least one representative of the Departmental Student Council will be invited to attend meetings of the Examination Committee. The Examination Committee Master Research on Teaching and Learning is chaired by Prof. Dr. Anna Keune (2nd chair person: Prof. Tina Seidel).

Your contact person and secretary of the Examination Board is Lisa Wiesmaier.

Please contact the examining board if you have queries/requests regarding the following topics:

  • accommodating disabilities
  • unfair or defective procedure
  • requests for an extension of the deadline (e. g. problems concerning the study progress)
  • subsequent examination registration
  • problems with the Master's Thesis (e. g. decline the topic, extension of the submission deadline, recognition, preparation at an institution other than the TUM)

Information about withdrawing from examination can be found on this page. The TUM Partner Physicians can be found at the TUM homepage for informations on Withdrawing from Examinations and Medical Certificates as well as on the TUM homepage via „During Your Studies“ in the subsection In cases of emergency.

If you might miss deadlines and/or have not met the study progress requirements set out in §10 APSO and §38 FPSO, you may submit a written request to the Examination Board for a prolongation or suspension of the ECTS time limits. The Examination Board decides if and what type of extension will be granted.

Suspension: the study progress check is suspended once -> the credit limits aren't checked in the running semester, but again regularly one semester later as specified in §10 APSO and §38 FPSO.

Prolongation: the study progress check is deferred for one semester -> all credit limits are set back for one semester

Statutory regulations stipulate that a hardship request can only be granted if the impediment is attributable to reasons beyond the student's control and which were unforeseeable. These include serious, prolonged illness, accidents, or the care of immediate relatives who are unexpectedly ill, or other serious and unanticipated events within the student's own family.
The request for deadline suspension/extension should be handed in the form of a letter to the Secretary of the Examination Board, who will present it to the Examination Board. Before submitting your request, however, it is absolutely necessary to discuss your request and study course plan with the Secretary of the Examination Board.

Please hand in:

  • A letter of request
  • The study course plan
  • Examination report and if applicable a screenshot of not-yet validated examination results
  • Any documents in original (e.g. medical certificates, etc.)

If this is not your first request:  Relevant notifications of examination results issued by the Examination Office


The physician’s verification of illness, or Arbeitsunfähigkeitsbescheinigung, is not the same thing as a medical certificate. A medical certificate is a detailed statement including the following information:

  • When was the illness diagnosed?
  • How does the illness affect the student’s ability to study?
  • What is the medical prognosis?

  • Decisions of the 18th session of the Examination Board (8. November 2021)

The examination boards appoints all expert examiners of the SOT as topic setters for the Master's Thesis. The thesis can also be issued and supervised by expert examiners of other schools of the
TUM. The decision on the approval of the issue of the topic and supervision of the thesis in individual cases is delegated to the chairperson of the PA.

The examnation boards decides that no generally applicable minimum amount of ECTS should be set for the early admission to the Master's Thesis. In individual cases, according to §46 point 2
FPSO, the examination and assessment of a student's study progress shall be the decisive.

  • Decisions of the 17th session of the Examination Board (7. Mai 2021)

Due to the Corona pandemic, the temporary change to the following form of examination: written homework at the module Module: ED0226 Advanced Methods in Teaching and Learning Science is approved.

  • Decisions of the 16th session of the Examination Board (30 November 2020)

The examination board authorizes the department of study affairs to take the necessary steps for the recognition of external achievements and to sign notices and certificates in this respect on behalf of the examination board. Recognition of study and examination achievements must be applied for in due time (within the first year of study). The application must be made in writing using the form "Antrag auf Anrechnung von Studien- und Prüfungsleistungen". It has to be submitted to the examination office (Helen Wermuth).

  • Decisions of the 15th sesseion of the Examination Board (19 May 2020)

According to the decision of the examination board, it is possible to take the re-examination as a first attempt.

  • Decisions of the 14th session of the Examination Board (14 November 2019)

Students are allowed to take exams of the TUM School of Education for reorientation. The examinations are limited to the department's own examinations, for which the student has to provide evidence of the corresponding pre-qualification (e.g knowledge of German/English; Bachelor's degree for Master's level examinations). A further prerequisite is that the student still has student status.

Examinations that are not passed must be evaluated by a second examiner providing that two examiners hadn't already made the evaluation. There is no right to a third examiner evaluation. In the event of dissatisfaction with a grade, the examinee can use the review to ask questions about the assessment to be clarified but without the right of correctness of the grade. Furthermore, the candidate has no right to a second correction if he/she is only dissatisfied with the grade, or repetition for grade improvement. Only failed exams can be repeated.

  • Decisions of the 13th session of the Examination Board (22 May 2019)

The course "Developmental Psychology" of module ED0385 "Psychology of teaching and learning" will be recognized as an elective module for the 2019 summer semester under the condition of an additional academic achievement.

  • Decisions of the 12th session of the Examination Board (15 November 2018)

The Examining Board delegates the determination of the individal end of studies by the last submitted examination (not the issuing of certificates!) to the Department of Student Affairs.

  • Decisions of the 11th session of the Examination Board (7 May 2018)

No decisions to be published.

  • Decisions of the 10th session of the Examination Board (16 November 2017)

All certificates of German language courses (e.g. at the TUM) as well as all German-language courses which are part of the Master Research on Teaching and Learning, should be recognized as proof of German language skills. Furthermore, all German-language courses of the Carl von Linde Academy and those attended by ProLehre. A certificate of participation is sufficient, no ECTS credits need to be earned.

The student advisory service of the TUM School of Education takes over the first contact of students in all matters. For more specific questions, they should contact the person responsible for the module directly or, in the case of provisional acceptance of modules, lecturers can be addressed directly.

  • Decisions of the 9th session of the Examination Board (17 May 2017)

No decisions to be published.

  • Decisions of the 8th session of the Examination Board (16 November 2016)

For recognition of internships, a catalogue of criteria with core competencies shall be specified. Based on this catalogue the students write a report and reflect on their previous experience in realtion to the necessary core competencies. For both internships there should be two forms in which the catalogue of criteria is listed and can therefore also be certified. There should also be fields in which internships can list further tasks. Further tasks can also replace criteria in individual cases if these are not met during the internship. The catalogue of criteria and the form should cover both the recognition cases and, in addition, a comparability between recognition and regular internship.

  • Decisions of the 7th session of the Examination Board (11 May 2016)

In case of proven plagiarism the exam will be rated invalid/fraud (insufficient) according to §22 APSO . A second examiner shall be consulted. The board will decide on further action.The chance to repeat the exam can be granted only once, according to §24 (6) of the APSO.

For your information:

Work has been done on a Checklist for reviewing master’s thesis. This is based on empirical and theoretical questions.The guideline is informal and not part of the examination regulations.

  • Decisions of the 6th session of the Examination Board (11 Nov 2015)

All teachers of the TUM School of Education, who are entitled to test will receive a permission to examine the master's thesis. Exceptions are possible by request to the Examination Board.