Andreas Gromer

Office: Technische Universität München
Marsstraße 20–22 (rear building)
80335 München
Room 432, 4th floor
Phone: +49 89 289-242261
Office hours: By prior appointment



After graduating from the Vöhlin-Gymnasium Memmingen (2005) and completing my civilian service, I started my studies for the professional teaching profession at the Technical University of Munich (2006-2011). I graduated as a professional teacher with a degree in metal and construction engineering. After a one-year internship in construction and metal engineering companies, I began my traineeship (2012-14) at the Studienseminar für das berufliche Lehramt in Bavaria at the school locations Kempten, Immenstadt and Memmingen. At the Johann-Bierwirth-Schule in Memmingen, I have been teaching in the metal and structural engineering department as well as in the affiliated Fachschule für Maschinenbautechnik since my appointment as a student councilor (2014). Under the concept and organization of the Akademie für Lehrerbildung und Personalführung in Dillingen, I am involved as a multiplier with regard to digital transformation (Industry 4.0) in the subject groups Robotics and Fluid Mechanics. Since 2019, I have been seconded as a research assistant at the Assistant Professorship of Technical Educations at TUM School of Education.

Research Interests

  • Competence orientation in vocational and technical education
  • Knowledge work as an occasion for professional learning
  • Didactic indexing of digital transformation (Industry 4.0)




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  • Gromer, A., Richter, R., Löser, F., Sobota, J., Niklas, J., Kalt, J., Wießner, M., Lang, N., Lotter, M. (2018). Digitale Transformation, Pneumatik und Elektropneumatik in einem cyber-physischen System. Akademie für Lehrerfortbildungen und Personalführung (Hrsg.). Dillingen