Project BBI@TUM

Conception and implementation of an international in-service Master´s program in the field of vocational education and training at TUM

The aim of the BBI@TUM project is to design, implement and test an in-service Master´s program in the field of international vocational education and training. The target group of the English-speaking M.Sc. program are people from different institutions and segments of vocational education and training. These includes ministries, chambers and associations as well as educational institutions such as vocational schools, companies and universities. Due to the international orientation and worldwide target group, the program is designed as an inquiry-based program in a blended learning format (in class and online learning phases), whereby the students are introduced to relevant concepts of the entire spectrum of vocational education next to concrete problems from the respective (vocational) all-day business.

In addition to the hybrid concept, the multidimensional mentoring concept as well as the job shadowing approach of BBI@TUM play a key role. Through the synergetic interaction of all approaches, experts accompany the students during the entire study program and support them in their professionalization processes and the corresponding competence development. The aim is to familiarize students with the structure of Germany´s dual education system, which is respected worldwide. Within the framework of the master's program, students will develop competencies in the design, administration and management of vocational training processes so that they can participate in change processes as multipliers in their home country. The BBI@TUM project, which is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, thus makes an innovative contribution to the training of future education experts.

As part of the BBI@TUM project, the focus of the Professorship of Economic Education (Prof. Dr. Manuel Förster) is on the conception of study modules in which business fundamentals in the area of management and leadership, personnel and organizational development, the future of learning at the workplace (Workplace Learning) as well as fundamentals and advanced empirical research in vocational education are taught.

The project is managed and coordinated by the Professorship of Technical Education (Prof. Dr. Daniel Pittich). Other project participants are Prof. Dr. Alfred Riedl  (Department of Vocational Education) and Prof. Dr. Eveline Wittmann (Chair of Vocational Education). If you have any questions about the involvement of the Professorship of Economics Education in the BBI@TUM project, please contact Theresa Bauer.