The Assistant Professorship for Business, Economics and Vocational Education collaborates with companies from various industries to promote knowledge and technology transfer to the professional practice. By working together with different partners, we create synergies to generate new knowledge and develop innovative solutions for current societal challenges.

In addition to cooperating with companies and innovation partners, we also work closely with vocational schools in the greater Munich area to continuously improve the quality of our research and teaching, and to provide our up-and-coming teachers with a comprehensive insight into school practice.

For more information on our school and business collaborations, please visit the corresponding subpages we have linked here:

We are always open to new partnerships and welcome inquiries from schools, companies, start-ups, or other organizations interested in collaborating with our Professorship. Possible collaborations include projects, master's theses, internships, guest lectures, etc. Please direct any inquiries regarding collaboration via email to Ms. Theresa Bauer.