As a part of the dual education system, there is a close link between vocational education and the professional world. Consequently, the digital transformation of the professional world also poses a major challenge to vocational education as well as to the education and continuing training of teachers at vocational schools. The Teach@TUM4.0 project takes effect at this point, which pursues the vision of making the digital transformation of the professional world comprehensible and reflective for (prospective) teachers - and subsequently for students. In order to achieve this, four scenarios (Industry 4.0, Smart Home, Baker Space and Health 4.0) and a Mobile Learning Lab (videographable classroom with mobile devices) are currently being developed in the TUM DigiLLab, which is scheduled to open in the fall of 2021 and will enable students to actively experience the digital transformation.

Subgoals of the project are the development of evidence-based educational concepts, the establishment of a university competence center - the digIT4.0@TUM - for a fast mutual exchange of knowledge between partners from business, health care, schools, associations and universities, as well as the implementation of the concepts in teacher training and curricular changes in undergraduate teacher education. At the moment, the didactic scenarios are being developed and further refined and validated in the context of an expert workshop.

The Teach@TUM4.0 project, which is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, is being carried out by an interdisciplinary team from the TUM School of Education under the direction of Prof. Dr. Eveline Wittmann. In order to ensure that the business education perspective is embedded in the individual scenarios and that it is interlinked in the most effective way with those of the other areas, Prof. Dr. Manuel Förster (co-lead in the project), Anna Wutke and Selina Michel are involved in the project on the behalf of our Chair of Business, Economics and Vocational Education. Thereby, the focus is on the commercial occupational groups (industrial merchant, retail salesman, e-commerce merchant), which are particularly located in the scenarios Industry 4.0 and Baker Space. Our goal is to examine and teach optimization possibilities through the use of digital technologies and the associated effects on, for example, human processes and aspects of labor law, as well as to equip our students with the necessary digital skills.

If you have any questions about the involvement of the Chair of Business, Economics and Vocational Education in the Teach@TUM4.0 project, please contact Anna Wutke or Selina Michel.

For more information on the project, please visit the following websites:

Homepage Teach@TUM4.0,

Homepage DigiLLab