Welcome to the Chair for Teaching and Learning with Digital Media – Prof. Dr. Maria Bannert

Current research topics are self-regulated learning and ICT, metacognition, cognitive load theory and hypermedia design, instructional design of multimedia learning environments, computer based collaborative learning / CSCL and media literacy and media education.

The focus in teaching lies on educational psychology and empirical methods in order to qualify students to design, use and evaluate digital learning environments. The teaching duties range in different study courses (bachelor and master) offered by the Department Educational Sciences.

Expertise in:

  • Educational psychology regarding learning and teaching with new media
  • Support of self-regulated, strategic learning with new media
  • Learning with multimedia, hypermedia, Cognitive Load Theory
  • Metacognition & reflection, learning strategies and motivation
  • Learning in virtual groups / Computer supported collaborative learning (CSCL); Communication and cooperation in virtual learning settings
  • Instructional design / didactical design of multimedia learning environments
  • Media pedagogy and media literacy
  • Game based learning and serious gaming
  • Support of driver education by using 3D driving simulators and learning software
  • Evaluation and assessment: Methods of social science for research on and evaluation of e-learning measures
  • Eye movement research