Dr. Lyn Lim

Research fellow

Room: 286
Visitor address: Marsstr. 20, 80335 München, Germany
Mail address: Arcisstr. 21, 80333 München, Germany

mailto: lyn.lim@tum.de
Phone: +49 89 289 25152

Office hours: on request; Please make an appointment via email.


Lyn Lim is a postdoctoral researcher and is passionate about harnessing technology to promote and transform learning. She taps into her experience in the disciplines of psychology and education through her work and academic journey. Through her insights from teaching and developing teaching concepts with educational technologies in both special education and tertiary education as well as her ongoing research work in adaptive and personalized scaffolds, she strives to develop meaningful solutions to improve how learners learn and how teachers teach. Her research focuses on supporting self-regulated learning with advanced learning technologies together with online measures of learning.

Interests and research focus:

Self-regulated learning, learning processes, adaptive support, educational technologies, metacognition, AI in education