Master's Thesis


Students shall register for their Master's Thesis using this form. The registration form has to be signed by your academic supervisor. Please hand in the registration form to Helen Wermuth, Examination Management. The Master's Thesis must not be handed in later than 6 months after its start date.

The supervisor must be an expert examiner of the TUM. An external thesis advisor must first be approved by the examination board: please submit a written request including:

  • the title of the thesis confirmed by the supervisor of the TUM School of Social Sciences and Technology
  • the confirmation from your external contact that he or she is willing to act as the advisor



When submitting your thesis, it is important that you adhere to the correct format and submission requirements:


  • English or German

Formatting and legal instructions

  • A4 size
  • Include the Declaration of Authorship at the end or at the beginning of the pdf
  • Prepend an abstract of approx. 200 words (in English)
  • TUM template for your thesis (Mytum-Login)  
  • Do not include your student ID number, date of birth, place of birth, email address, home address, telephone number, or registration date.



  • Technische Universität München
  • Chair "..."
  • Master of Education Research on Teaching and Learning
  • TUM School of Social Sciences and Technology
  • Title
  • First and last name of the author
  • Academic title and name of your supervisor
  • Academic title and name of your advisor
  • Submission date (day on which you hand in your thesis)
  • The TUM logo (Mytum-Login)


You need to submit your thesis as PDF document by email from your TUM email account to It must include the signed declaration of authorship! Ms. Wermuth will then forward it to the respective academic supervior. Please don't submit any hard copy, only if your supervisor asks for it. Furthemore, you need to send the prefilled assessment form.

General information of the TUM about theses and helpful information you can find here.

possible topics for Master's theses can be found here

Graduation and Disenrollment

For the final thesis, enrollment is mandatory until completion and submission. This also applies if the period for writing the thesis was extended for reasons beyond your control.

For all other exams, you do not have to re-enroll if you take an examination which is allocated to the previous semester within the first week of the lecture period.