Examination Matters

Here you will find everything you need to know about exams.

In order to take part in examinations, you must register in TUMonline. This applies to the first attempt as well as to repeat examinations. The registration is made via your study status/study plan.

Instructions for registering and deregistering examinations

Leave of absence

No first examinations may be taken during a semester's leave of absence. Exceptions apply in the case of leave due to maternity protection/parental leave or care of close relatives. However, participation in repeat examinations is possible. In these cases, registration is made via the examination administration, since direct registration via TUMonline is not possible.

Dates for examinations and the corresponding registration periods are determined by the respective examiners and announced in TUMonline.

If you miss to register for an exam in time it is possible to register subsequently. In this case please complete this form, ask your examiner to sign it and hand it in to the Examination Board Master Research on Teaching and Learning.

For repetitions § 24 APSO applies. Thereafter, module examinations can be repeated as often as desired, taking into account the study progress monitoring.

Examination achievements from previous studies can be recognized, if an equivalence of the acquired competence is proven. See below "How to Apply for Recognition of academic achievements".

Relevant training or work experience can be accredited as a research internship or an internship in educational institutions. Information on this matter can be found on the page of the respective degree program under the heading "Internships".

After an individual assessment, knowledge and skills acquired outside of the academic field may also be recognized for your studies.

How to Apply for Recognition of academic achievements

If you want to let your examination achievements from previous studies get recognized, please proceed as follows:

  1. Please download the relevant application form first and fill it entirely out. Before listing the modules that you would like to be recognized, please check the academic and examination regulations, where the modules are listed (these can be found under the relevant study program). If you have any questions or doubts, please contact the student advising member.
  2. You must provide proof of your examination achievements as a certified copy for the application (it is essential that the grades are described, if possible also credits or at least semester hours per week) as well as the corresponding courses’ descriptions.
  3. You have to submit all these required documents to our student advising, who will carry out a preliminary assessment.

Please note:

  • The final accreditation of the academic achievements will be carried out by the respective departmental student advising only after your actual enrollment.
  • Please bear in mind that according to § 16 (4) sentence 3 of the APSO you can submit an application for recognition of academic achievements only once and only within the first academic year.
  • A personal consultation with the student advising (also by phone) is always required, in order to assess your individual situation in the best possible way.

For detailed information concerning the Master's thesis, please check:

Master's thesis (Formal aspects)

Master's Thesis (Organizational aspects)

For further formal aspects and tipps and tricks, we also recommend to pay special attention to the following information provided by the TUM: Making your thesis a success

Please note that the processing time in the event of illness is suspended during the period of illness proven by a certificate. The certificate must be submitted immediately to the examination administration. Please also inform your supervisor. You will find important regulations on the final thesis in § 18 APSO.

If a final thesis has been approved as a group paper in consultation with the supervisor in the sense of §18 Para. 2 of the APSO, each author must nevertheless submit a separate copy of the thesis with his or her own affidavit. The individual assignment of the examination performance to be evaluated should be clearly evident from the work. On the cover page only the name of the student submitting this copy should be written. On a next page, all authors can be listed under "Authors".

Pursuant to § 18 (4), sentence 3 of the General Academic and Examination Regulations for Bachelor's and Master's Programs at the Technical University of Munich (APSO)*, the chairman of the Examination Board must approve an external thesis outside the university. In this case the thesis must be supervised by a further TUM examiner. The students may propose topics, however solely the TUM examiner is responsible for the definition of the thesis’s topic as well as the entire formal process of this part of the final examination.

The examination board requires:

  • the title of your thesis along with the confirmation of the TUM examiner and
  • the confirmation of your external contact partner to officiate as advisor

to consider the admission.

There is no template for the confirmations, an informal letter from your supervisor and advisor is sufficient.


In the case of illness, you can withdraw from examinations. Please be sure to read the information provided by the TU München.

In order to avoid disadvantages, you should always obtain a certificate immediately and submit it to the examination administration as soon as possible. Please pay attention to the the requirements for medical certificates in case of acute illnesses.

In the case of the Master's thesis, the processing time is suspended for the duration of the illness stated in the certificate. Please therefore also inform your supervisor. Special regulations will be published on the page of the examination board.

For further information, please chek the information provides by the TUM Center for Study and Teaching under special attention of the requirements for the medical certificate.



Since 01.01.2018, the Maternity Protection Act (MuSchG) also applies to female students during their studies.

During the maternity protection period (usually 6 weeks before the birth until 8 weeks after the birth, in exceptional cases longer) there is a relative ban on examinations. This means that pregnant students and nursing mothers do not have to take part in examinations during this period. Pregnant students and breastfeeding mothers may also be exempted from other compulsory attendance events (seminars, excursions, laboratory work, internships, etc.).

There is no obligation to report pregnancy or breastfeeding, but this is recommended. Further information can be found here:


Contact persons are our student advisors.

For a fluent creation of your degree certificate and diploma, you should regularly check your examination report in TUMonline. In case of discrepancies, please contact the examination administration. You will find all information on the final documents, e.g. on handing over the documents, here.

If you need a confirmation of your Master's degree after having completed the last examination, which has not been graded yet, please hand in this form.

The Diploma Supplement is an addition to the university degree certificate. In Chapter 6.1 Additional Information, individual details of your extracurricular activities can be given. You must apply for this information to be included.

Please contact the examination administration on time.