Cooperations with schools

Since many years the TUM cooperates with a large majority of vocational schools in Bavaria. These cooperations take place within the scope of obligated school internships for students during their Bachelor’s and Master’s program Vocational Education. TUM’s university school concept extends and intensifies interlinkage between research / science and school practice within teacher education. University schools are a working space for joint research and development projects for students, teacher trainees and teachers. There is a close coordination of educational contents and concepts of teacher education between the TUM und the Studienseminar for Vocational Teacher Education in Bavaria. Vocational schools profit from these impulses in the realm of teaching and personnel development. Up to date we have three university schools:

  • Berufsschule für Fertigungstechnik, Munich
  • Berufsschule für das Hotel-, Gaststätten- und Brauwesen, Munich
  • Staatliche Berufsschule Pfaffenhofen

All three vocational schools are actively involved in teacher education at the TUM and are seminar schools for the education of teacher trainees.

Contact Person:

Prof. Dr. Alfred Riedl



Information regarding our international school cooperations