Cooperating Schools

All our cooperation schools are exemplary regarding teaching and school development. These cooperations are important stimuli for teacher education and research. Additionally, the cooperations allow direct and immediate testing and implementation of innovations in schools. On the other hand, teachers profit from the cooperations: They get insights into teaching and learning research as well as opportunities to participate in evidence based further professional training courses at the TUM School of Education.


  • Optimisation of cooperations between schools and university
  • Linking teacher education and school practice
  • Awaken pupil’s interest for university programs in STEM sciences (e.g. through student counselling by the TUM)

  • Guiding and supervision of teacher students during the school internship TUMpaedagogicum
  • Support of teaching and learning research at the TUM und road-testing of innovative forms of practical orientated teacher education

  • Student counselling for pupils regarding studying STEM sciences
  • Invitation to our annual youth conference
  • Priority access for teachers of cooperating schools regarding further professional training courses
  • Support with supervision of pupils’ project papers and contact support regarding contact requests with scientists
  • Delivering information regarding university and education policy questions

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Schools in and around Munich:


Schools outside the Munich transport network: