Naturwissenschaftliche Bildung

school internships

Here you can find all information for registration and certification of your school internships (TUMpaedagogicum).

Within the Bachelor's program "Naturwissenschaftliche Bildung" you have to attend the school internship TUMpaedagogicum (TUMpaed). In total, it is 40 days in three different time slots (TUMPaed I, IIa, IIb) usually starting at the end of the 1st semester until the end of the 4th semester. This internship is accompanied by different courses/seminars at TUM School of Education.

The assignment to internship positions is organised by TUM School of Education.

You don't need a school internship for study and career aspiration in advance!

Organisation and assignment to internship positions

choose two possible schools from the list of our reference schools.

Keep in mind, if you are choosing a school that is not approved by the Bavarian State (in Bavaria, Germany or abroad as well), you are able to fulfill only two weeks of your internship. The other weeks have to be done at a approved school. 

Registration TUMpaed I

After choosing schools, please fill out the online registration form. Registration Deadline: November, 15th.

Registration TUMpaed II (school internships IIa & IIb)

With the start of the 3rd semester, please register online for the school internships TUMpaed IIa and IIb. Registration Deadline: October, 31st. 


After each school internship, you need to record the sum of days in total at school at your certificate. After completing all school internships, you need to complete your certificate with signatures and the school's seal. You need three originals of your certificate: one for yourself, one for the school, one for the TUM School of Education).

Submition deadline for certificates at TUM School of Education for entering your ECTS points in TUMonline: Friday, third week of the next semester after completing the internship.

You can either hand in the certificate at Mrs. Häuslers office or you can send it to her postal address. 

Accompanying seminars

Information regarding the seminars can be found at the website of the chair for educational psychology

The module TUMpaed III within the Master's program "Naturwissenschaftliche Bildung" contains a school internship and two weekly seminars. All three parts have to be completed simultaneously.

  • weekly school internship
  • weekly seminar pedagogical content knowledge
  • weekly seminar educational/pedagogical knowledge 


You have to register with the beginning of the 6th semester within the Bachelor's program. Registration deadline: April, 15th. Keep in mind: You only are able to register for the TUMpaed III if you already completed ECTS within pedagogical content knowledge.


After the school internship, you need to record the sum of days in total and you need signatures and the school's seal for your certifcate

You need this certificate for registration for your First State Exam at the Examination office for teaching at a school (LMU).

Accompanying seminars

If you have questions regarding the seminars contact:

PD. Dr. Jutta Möhringer


contact for school internships: 

Praktikumsamt Oberbayern West, Infanteriestr. 7, 80797 München

Head of Department StDin Hildegard Mehr

contact data and office hours can be found at the internship office's website.

Information for degree program changer /crediting prior school internships

You already completed a school internship within a prior degree program?

You are not starting your TUMpaed in your 1st semester because of changing your degree program?


In both cases, contact Mrs. Häusler to discuss the further procedure regarding the organisation of your school internships.