The Master's program includes a research internship and/or an internship at educational institutions.

You have to complete 10 credits of internship modules. You can either choose two internships worth 5 credits each or one internship worth 10 credits.

Your study plan contains two internship modules with internships for three weeks. Module 14 includes a research internship and Module 15 an internship at an educational institution. If you choose the extended internship version (worth 10 credits) you have to choose between those two internship options (Module 16 & 17).


  • In general:
    • Getting insight into research institutions of teaching and learning
    • Being able to differentiate and critically reflect the positions and benefits of research
  • Research internship:
    • Get to know key elements and organizational processes of conducting research studies in the field of teaching and learning
    • Collaboration on one research project
  • Internship at educational institutions (e.g., ministry, foundation, etc.):
    • Get to know a selected educational institution from an intern perspective
    • Knowing different perspectives and interests of people who are involved in decision making
    • Gaining insights into typical interaction processes
    • Estimating your own competencies in relation to the team

Regulations and Formalities

On our wiki you can find further information on regulations and formalities as well as how to find suitable institutions.