EDU Nursery


Idea and target group

Many parents* are familiar with the situation: During a meeting or a class you have no possibility to care for your child. However, it is difficult to take your child with you because smaller children have hardly any opportunities to play in typical university rooms. Therefore, the TUM School of Social Sciences and Technology has set up a children's room in room 132, 1st floor, which can be used flexibly by staff and students with children. This measure supports the compatibility of work and family in a special way.

Using possibilities

  • study room, where parents work and the child plays independently
  • Meeting room with (few) collaborating persons or students, during which the child works independently
  • Scope for bridging waiting times
  • Stay of children with care by professional staff

If there is a need for a rest room for expectant and nursing mothers, please contact us.

Please note that self and external childcare in the same nursery at the same time is not possible. Third-party care has priority over self-care.


Childcare takes place in collaboration with the RUF agency in the children's room of our faculty (Marsstraße 20, room 132, 1st floor). Care requests require at least three days notice for processing.

Please note the information for parents on the use of flexible short-term care.

The minimum supervision time is 2 hours (plus handover time). Due to subsidies, the costs for one hour of supervision are currently 5 Euros for students of SOT and 7 Euros for university staff of SOT, which are invoiced quarterly. There is a maximum of 60 external supervision hours per semester. For students and staff who do not study/work at the TUM School of Social Sciences and Technology, the cost clarification must be discussed with the respective school/faculty in advance.

Detailed information can be found in the documents about the children's room on this page. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at the email address mentioned above.

The booking is made via the e-mail address


*The term parents stands here for all those responsible for childcare.