General instructions for the processing of state examination papers

The content of the written exam paper in the subject didactics of mathematics (for the teaching profession Gymnasium) refers to §33 of the LPO I (in the version of March 13, 2008).

Many questions can be found in a similar form in a written draft of a lesson, as it is done in the context of practical courses (e.g. subject analysis, formulation of learning objectives or didactic analysis). The guideline for the design of a teaching unit (pdf), which is common practice at this chair, can thus also serve as a rough orientation for the state examination, but is intended for the entire planning of a teaching unit and is thus too extensive for the examination. Usually only parts of the lesson plan are required for the state exam.
A further orientation can be found in the "Expectation horizon for the draft of a teaching unit" (pdf).

In general, the following aspects should be taken into account when writing the exam paper:

  •     Use of correct technical language
  •     Use of correct mathematical notation
  •     clarity and correct spelling
  •     Avoidance of general statements