About LEAPS research group

LEarning Analytics and Practices in Systems - aka LEAPS - is a research group led by Prof. Dr Poquet that focuses on the use of learning analytics. Learning analytics is a broad area of applied research that focuses on how data from learning environments, often colleced by digital technologies, can be used to inform the actual teaching and learning practices.

Our research group uses data from learning environments to create technology-based interventions that support the development of agency and social networks in higher education and workplace training. To achieve this, we work with various aspects of learning analytics related to agency and social networks, such as creating indicators of learning processes when individuals study alone or collaborate in groups, understanding the practices surrounding the use of data, such as learner consent in group settings or data sesemaking by learners and instructors that could lead to the change of a learning process. 

We use insights from these various dimensions of learning analytics (indicators, practices, data sensemaking) to inform research questions that target the development of agency and social learning in digital learning. For instance, we develop indicators for human-AI interaction in learning environments and examine how learners make sense of them. Or, we develop indicators for social learning processes from patterns of learner collaboration to provide feedback that improves social learning outcomes. 

Our research is interdiscplinary and applied. We teach courses in the areas related to educational technology, learning analytics and artificial intelligence in education. 

Address: Marsstraße 20-22, München, r. 273
Tel. +49 89 289 24384
Office Hours: by Appointment
E-Mail: office.lea@sot.tum.de
Postal address: Arcisstraße 21, 80333 München