08 June 2024: Xplorer Day

The first Xplorer Day focuses on integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Extended Reality (XR) into education, emphasizing their role in transforming learning and teaching methods. It highlights the importance of educators in harnessing these technologies to inspire and equip students with the skills to navigate a digital world. Participants will gain insights from experts, engage in hands-on workshops, and explore practical applications of AI and XR, regardless of their expertise level, to enrich the educational experience.

Our colleagues Enkeleda Thaqi and Carrie Lau will be part of the event.
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8. Juni 2024, 09:00-17:00 Uhr
Forum der Zukunft im
Deutschen Museum in München
Free Entrance

Learning About Chinese Culture with the Quiz Master Game

This quiz game for 2 players conveys knowledge about Chinese culture through engaging interactions. The questions are accompanied by stories, clues, and 3D models that enrich the learning experience. Correct answers reward the players with cultural objects, which they can use to decorate a traditional Chinese room, further immersing them in the culture. The decoration aspect enhances the game in both creative and educational terms, offering a visual, interactive presentation of Chinese traditions and aesthetics.

Contact: Carrie Lau, carrielau@tum.de,

More information and video: https://www.edu.sot.tum.de/hctl/forschung/artisanxr/

Learn to Bake Pizza in VR - Tailored to Your Learning Type

This AI-driven VR research project teaches the art of Neapolitan pizza making, tailored to learning styles: Traditionalist, Explorer, Innovator. It aims to enhance skills, foster cultural appreciation, and deepen understanding of Neapolitan pizza as an intangible cultural heritage. Neapolitan pizza, known in Naples since the late 18th century, became world-famous in 1889 with the Pizza Margherita and was recognized as a cultural heritage by UNESCO in 2017.

Contact: Carrie Lau, carrielau@tum.de,

More information and video: https://www.edu.sot.tum.de/hctl/forschung/artisanxr/

SARA: Personalized AI-Based Learning Support in AR through Eye-Tracking

SARA (Smart AI Reading Assistant) integrates artificial intelligence and eye-tracking in an augmented reality setting to improve the comprehensibility of written content, increase learning efficiency, and offer support in various languages. By analyzing eye movements, SARA identifies potentially tricky passages and provides personalized assistance, whether through additional context or sentence rephrasing. The goal is to specifically improve reading and comprehension skills.

Contact: Enkeleda Thaqi, enkeleda.thaqi@tum.de

More information: https://www.edu.sot.tum.de/hctl/forschung/sara/