With the motto ''View on | of Science'', this year's 52nd DGPs conference focuses on the role of psychology as a science in the face of global crises and investigates meaningful ways of science communication. We will be present with a symposium on questionnaires as a measurement tool in educational psychology and a contribution on error culture in teaching.

At the Network Gender & STEM Conference 2021 at the University of Syndey, we presented the preliminary results of our Research Synthesis Gender-specific Support Strategies.

Joshua Polanin (American Institutes for Research) will hold an online workshop on dependent effect sizes in meta-analyses on April 30 (2:00 pm). The workshop will include theoretical content as well as hands-on exercises using R and will be hosted by the Professorship for Research on Learning and Instruction. The workshop is free of charge. Registration at:

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Two contributions of our staff members have been accepted for the 8th conference of GEBF (Society for Empirical Educational Research). The motto of the conference is: "Designing Education - Achieving Participation - Using Digitalization". Janina Täschner and Delia Hillmayr will give an insight into their synthesis on the topic of parental participation at the symposium "On the Genesis of Social Inequality in Schools"…