Two contributions to GEBF 2020

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Two contributions of our staff members have been accepted for the 8th conference of GEBF (Society for Empirical Educational Research). The motto of the conference is: "Designing Education - Achieving Participation - Using Digitalization". Janina Täschner and Delia Hillmayr will give an insight into their synthesis on the topic of parental participation at the symposium "On the Genesis of Social Inequality in Schools" (Chair: Prof. Dr. Hermann Josef Abs, Discussant: Prof. Dr. Linda Juang). The title of their contribution is: "To what extent can parental participation promote the success of disadvantaged children at school? A systematic overview". Kaley Lesperance will present her research synthesis entitled “Narrowing the gender gap in non-cognitive student outcomes through interventions: a meta-analysis”. The GEBF will take place in Potsdam from 25 March to 27 March 2020.