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A sustainable strategy for digital STEM education

Embedded in the lernen:digital competence network, DigiProMIN promotes digitization in STEM education. To this end, the collaborative project is not only developing freely accessible training opportunities and materials for teachers, but also building a sustainable educational network that will optimize science-to-practice transfer in the long term.


Duration: 2023 – 2025
Funding: EU – NextGenerationEU, BMBF
Principal Investigators at TUM: Prof. Tina Seidel, Prof. Maria Bannert, Prof. Doris Holzberger, Prof. Enkelejda Kasneci, Prof. Jenna Koenen, Prof. Tilman Michaeli, Prof. Claudia Nerdel, Prof. Andreas Obersteiner, Prof. Andreas Vorholzer

How can digital STEM education be implemented in schools in a sustainable way based on the latest scientific findings? The DigiProMIN joint research project relies on a three-pronged strategy: professional development, materials, and a sophisticated science-to-practice transfer.

Teacher professional development for digital media in the classroom

Good teacher training is essential for the implementation of digital education. DigiProMIN therefore develops professionalization modules for teachers, each targeting different STEM subjects. At the same time, the project is investigating which approaches are most promising for acquiring the necessary skills.

Teacher Training with Digital Media

DigiProMIN is also involved in the development of materials that are continuously scientifically tested for effectiveness. Digital media are therefore not only the content of the training courses. Innovative approaches such as virtual reality and simulations are also specifically used in the implementation of the training measures. Hence, participating STEM teachers not only learn about digital media, but also benefit from its use. Since all materials developed are open source and available on online platforms, they can easily be used by teachers.

Transfer, Sustainability and Evidence

Educational research findings do not always find their way into the classroom. To ensure that digital STEM education is sustainable and based on the latest scientific findings, DigiProMIN relies on an ever-growing network of educational institutions, including state institutes and the German Center for Mathematics Teacher Education (DZLM). The multipliers themselves benefit from the materials and training courses developed in the project and also contribute their own expertise to adapt the training courses to the needs of teachers. The development and integration of digitization-related teacher networks is also on the project's agenda. The steadily growing nationwide educational network thus ensures a continuous and fruitful exchange between educational research and educational practice. In order to ensure the success of the project, an evaluation strategy will continuously accompany the implemented measures.

The Professorship for Research on Learning and Instruction contributes its expertise in the knowledge transfer between research and practice to DigiProMIN and thus contributes not only to the communication of results, but also to the continuous cooperation between educational research and educational practice, which is indispensable for a future-oriented design of education in Germany.

For more information about the DigiProMIN joint research project and the lernen:digital competence network, visit www.lernen.digital/verbuende/digipromin.