Computing Education Research Group

Since October 2021, Tilman Michaeli is the head of the Computing Education Research Group at the TUM School of Social Sciences and Technology. We pursue the goal of a research-based computing education in all phases of life with a focus on general education in schools and the further development of computer science teaching. The aim is to enable everyone not only to understand computer science and its phenomena in the digital world, but also to actively and creatively shape it.

The research profile of the group is characterized by the combination of empirical and design-oriented research.

In teaching, the professorship is responsible for computer science teacher education, especially concerning highschools and vocational education.

In addition, the transfer of research and work results into school practice, especially in light of the young school subject, represents a focus of the work of the professorship.


WiPSCE 2024

The 19th WiPSCE Conference on Primary and Secondary Computing Education Research will take place from September 16-18, 2024.  All information about the conference can be found here.