Presentation by Sarah Hofer and Prof. Doris Holzberger at the EARLI Conference, Aachen

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The 18th Biennial EARLI (European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction) Conference took place at RWTH Aachen University from the 12th to August 16, 2019. Focal topic of this year’s international conference was "Thinking tomorrow's education: Learning from the past, in the present and for the future". Dr. Sarah Hofer presented the results of the research synthesis on the effectiveness of school inspection under the title "Evaluating school inspection effectiveness: A systematic research synthesis". The topic generated particular interest, especially among scientists from Great Britain, the Netherlands and Belgium. Prof. Doris Holzberger presented results from the DFG project "School Features and Teaching" entitled „School resources for teaching: How between-school variance in instructional quality can be explained“. Furthermore, she was involved in the symposium "Teachers' professional vision: How teachers look at their students". At the conference, representing the field of teaching and learning research, many international leading researchers appeared with inspiring presentations.