Looking beyond the horizon of methodology

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Today marks the midpoint of the stay for our visiting researcher Tomáš Lintner from Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic. The doctoral student in educational science is completing a short research stay in Munich to exchange ideas with theworking group ForSynZIB, especially on methodological issues.

Tomáš Lintner
Bild: ForSynZIB

Research synthesis as a method makes it possible to examine and compare education systems and effects in different countries. In order to obtain the most reliable research results possible, it is always worthwhile to look beyond one's own perspectives. In this sense, we are especially pleased about the visit of our guest Tomáš Lintner from Masaryk University in the Czech Republic.

During his stay, he was able to get an insight into the methodology of research synthesis, meta-analysis in particular: "I am very happy about this opportunity. The research synthesis method is a great way to get an overview of a particular research topic. That's why I want to implement it within my own research," says Tomáš Lintner. Already during his first week with the research group, he was able to learn important basics for working with meta-analyses. For the rest of his stay, he has set the goal of bringing these findings together with his own research approach.

So far, our guest has primarily focused on social network analysis in the course of his dissertation. This relational research approach to empirical social research takes a close look at social interactions and their structure. In his latest research project, in which he examines the social interactions of students with regard to their academic success, he would like to combine social network analysis with the methodology of meta-analysis.

We are very happy about the exchange and the new initiative!