Newest Publications

*Hartl, A.*, Starke, E.*, Voggenreiter, A.*, Holzberger, D., Michaeli, T., & Pfeffer, J. (in press). Empowering Digital Natives: InstaClone – a Novel Approach to Data Literacy Education in the Age of Social Media. Proceedings of the 55th ACM Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education (SIGCSE 2024). ACM, New York, USA.

*Täschner, J., Dicke, T., Reinhold, S., & Holzberger, D. (in press). “Yes, I can!” A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis on Intervention Studies Promoting Teacher Self-Efficacy. Review of Educational Research.

*Lesperance, K., Decristan, J., & Holzberger, D. (in press). The role of teacher constructive support for gender differences in motivational outcomes in secondary school mathematics. International Journal of Gender, Science and Technology.

*Chernikova, O., Holzberger, D., Heitzmann, N., Stadler, M., Seidel, T. & Fischer, F. (in press). Where salience goes beyond authenticity. Zeitschrift für Pädagogische Psychologie, Article 1010-0652/a000357.


Prof. Dr. Doris Holzberger