Learning to shape a sustainable future

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The school pilot project InnoLab-N tests out innovative learning settings: Participation and acquisition of competences shall enable the students to create a sustainable future. Using a specifically developed concept, we accompany the school pilot project by evaluating the effectiveness of the interventions. Thus we can see, how to shape the schools of tomorrow.

Hand schreibt auf eine Tafel: Stop, reduce, reuse
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How can schools prepare young people for the challenges of the future? InnoLab-N, a sub-project of Wirkstatt Nachhaltigkeit, leads the way using innovative concepts: Students at the participating schools are will not only acquire important skills related to the transformation of sustainability, they will also shape their own learning. The school pilot project is thus in tune with the times and can serve as a model for modern learning concepts in view of a sustainable future.

In order to determine the effectiveness of the InnoLab-N interventions, we will monitor the pilot project for its entire duration until 2025. In doing so, regular teacher and student surveys at the 12 Bavarian pilot schools will provide information on both the successful implementation of the interventions and the subjective learning achievements of the students.

The aim of the InnoLab-N school pilot project is to test concepts that prepare students to deal with future global problems. By examining the effectiveness of the school pilot project, we would like to give impulses as to how far the innovative concepts can be successfully used in the classroom in the future beyond the pilot project.

InnoLab-N is together with “Campus-N” and “Netzwerk-N” part of the project Wirkstatt Nachhaltigkeit and takes place in the school years from 2021 to 2025.

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