Research Projects

Improvement of Teacher Education Videos

In teacher education, videos are widely used to enhance psychological and pedagogical knowledge (PPK) as well as pedagogical content knowledge (PCK). However, these videos are often used in a suboptimal way from the perspective of instructional multimedia design. We investigate to what extent the acquisition of PPK and PCK (here: about effective tutoring in biology) can be fostered if the use of videos is informed by principles of instructional multimedia design.

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Students through teacher eyes

The project »Interaction II – Students through teacher‘s eyes« investigates interactions between teachers and their students. In doing so, focus lies on teachers judgment accuracy.

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Classroom Interaction and Communication

International educational research points out that classroom discourse plays a key role in student learning. However, numerous studies also indicate that students often have only few opportunities to discuss their own approaches and ideas in classroom. The DIALOGUE II project examines how professional development programs focusing on productive classroom discourse can change this practice.

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Scientific evidence for teacher educators

The Clearing House Unterricht understands itself as an interface between educational research and educational practice.  It adresses teacher educators of all phases. The project summarizes and edits recent empirical findings on effective STEM-teaching in order to support teacher educators.

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Improving assessment-skills with simulation-based learning environments

The VISIT-Math project investigates how simulation-based learning environments can be designed and used in teacher education to promote the assessment skills of pre-service teachers in mathematics teaching. Therefore, researchers develop video clips showing one-on-one teacher-student-interactions in classrooms.

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Simulation-based learning environments in university education

The project FOR-M is a subproject of the interdisciplinary research group COSIMA. The research group investigates how simulation-based learning environments in teacher training and medical studies can be designed and applied in a multidisciplinary way in order to promote the diagnostic skills of prospective teachers and medical professionals. The aim of the FOR-M subproject is, on the one hand, to summarize current findings on the subject and, on the other hand, to integrate the newly gained findings of the seven research subgroups.

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Scientific Reasoning and Argumentation across all domains

'What is scientific reasoning and argumentation?' The International Doctoral School “Scientific Reasoning and Argumentation” (REASON) is an interdisciplinary and collaborative project in the Learning Sciences between the Universities of Munich, LMU and TUM. One of the goals of the program is to advance the conceptual understanding of scientific reasoning and argumentation.

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Completed Projects

Here you find an overall view of all research projects that are already completed.
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