Project Weeks in Winter Semester 2022/23

AI-assisted writing: the new way to get ahead

Artificial intelligence is becoming more and more advanced each year, generating images that are realistic enough to fool even the most trained eye. But who should be given credit for these creations? The AI itself, or the programmer who built it? These cocreation issues could become a problem down the line - but also present a unique opportunity.

There are already tools to support professional writing and augmenting the abilities of humans to get the best of both worlds, but there is still room for improvement in terms of education. Scholars receive only limited feedback for their essays or creative writing since teachers do not have the time to annotate texts in detail. That's where AI comes in handy. We aim to create a tool that supports students throughout the writing process by giving them timely feedback and proposing alternatives. To build this tool, we need an infrastructure which collects and structures essay data . We're looking for computer science, education, and linguistic students that could help us set up an app specifically designed for data collection as well as ways organize it efficiently.

Fun Fact: This description was generated in collaboration with an AI system. Write us an E-Mail, if you want to join this course and find out how we did this:


This project is part of the TUM Project Week: January, 9. – 14., 2023