Computational Crafting Lab

We conduct much of our work at the Computational Crafting Lab. The purpose of the Computational Crafting Lab is (1) to support research and design to advance the gendered materiality of STEM learning, (2) to develop teaching materials and student-research opportunities, and (3) to strengthen connections with communities in and around TUM.

The Computational Crafting Lab is a model space that is supportive of equitable approaches toward STEM learning, including an outlook on gender equity. The Computational Crafting Lab is designed based on four core design principles that emerged from the our research, including diversity to offer a wide range of materials and empathy to invite user-centered design and build on familiarity.

Apart from engaging innovative arts, crafts, and design-driven research and teaching, the Computational Crafting Lab also regularly invites youth and their families to join activities. If you are interested in joining a session, please reach out. We are happy to provide additional information.

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