Computing Education as the Foundation for Digital Education

About the project

The science of computer science is the key driver of the so-called digital transformation. For our society, this transformation is leading to fundamental changes in the way we communicate, use technology, work, or gather information. This raises the question of what "digital" and thus computer science education and competencies each person needs to deal with these changes in a mature way and to actively participate in shaping them. This is a particular challenge for teacher training in the context of digitization, as the debate about digital education in schools is often dominated by "digital media" or technologies. What competencies do teachers of all subjects need for teaching in the "digital world"? To be able to address phenomena of digitization (such as digital business models or the ethical implications of artificial intelligence) appropriately in the classroom, corresponding computer science competencies are needed as a basis. This research project, therefore, identifies relevant competencies for designing, but also in particular for teaching in the digital world, and then develops and evaluates concepts for teaching these competencies in a way that is appropriate for the target group.


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