Algorithms for Kids (AlgoKids)

Team: Peter Hubwieser, Katharina Geldreich

Funding: Bavarian State Ministry for Education and Cultural Affiars

About the project

In the AlgoKids project, a total of 40 teachers from 20 Bavarian elementary schools are given the opportunity to receive further training in the subject area of "Programming in Elementary Schools" and to gain their own experience in classroom implementation.

Interested schools were able to apply from March 2018 based on a call for applications initiated by the Bavarian State Ministry of Education and Culture, Science and the Arts. The in-service training for teachers will take place at the Academy for Teacher Training and Personnel Management in Dillingen from May 2018. In addition, there will be further regional in-service training days as well as support visits in the participating administrative districts.

Teaching materials that were used in the project can be found here.

Final report of the project: Long version (de), Short version (de)

Research content

The participating teachers are to be given the opportunity to acquire both fact-based and didactic-methodological competencies in order to be able to deal with the subject area safely and competently with their students. The scope and content of this training will be investigated in AlgoKids. Furthermore, the primary school teachers will be intensively accompanied, questioned, and supported during their teaching attempts in order to recognize and remove obstacles to the implementation of the concepts on time.